Trouble with Maths & More Trouble with Maths, SET of 2 books

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Author 1: Steve Chinn

Code: SEN_1144
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    The Trouble with Maths (4th Edition) combines advice, guidance and practical activities, this user-friendly guide will enable you to develop flexible thinking skills; use alternative strategies for pupils to access basic facts; understand the implications of pre-requisite skills, such as working memory, on learning; implement effective preventative measures; recognise maths anxiety and tackle self-esteem problems; A brand new chapter on materials, manipulatives and communication.


    More Trouble with Maths (3rd Ed.) There are many factors that can contribute to the learning difficulties children and adults have with mathematics.  These include poor working memory, difficulties in retrieving so-called ‘basic’ facts and the ability to remember and apply formulas and procedures correctly.

    This highly practical teacher resource is for anyone who would like to accurately and effectively identify dyscalculia amongst their pupils. Written in an engaging and user-friendly style, Steve Chinn draws on his extensive experience and expertise:

    • shows how to consider all the factors relating to mathematical learning difficulties
    • explains how these factors can be investigated
    • explores their impact on learning
    • discusses and provides a range of tests ranging from pre-requisite skills such as working memory to a critique of normative tests for mathematics knowledge and skills. 

    The book will guide the reader in the interpretation of tests, emphasising the need for a clinical approach when assessing individuals, and shows how diagnosis and assessment can become part of everyday teaching. This resource also includes pragmatic tests which can be implemented in the classroom, and shows how identifying the barriers is the first step in setting up any programme of intervention.