Succeed with Dyscalculia SET of 3 books

Toolkits of teaching ideas for learners with maths difficulties and dyscalculia

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Author 1: Cat Eadle and Steve Chinn

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  • Description

    A series of worksheet books to help learners, of any age, to secure basic, foundational knowledge and understanding of key mathematical concepts from the beginning.

    The collection is designed to help learners gain confidence around maths and to be motivated and 
    encouraged by their successes. The ‘little and often’ approach is evident in the small steps of progression 
    between worksheets and the options for the use of different manipulative and visual representations. The ‘look’ of the worksheets is uncluttered and often focuses on visual representations to help create clear  images in the learners’ mind.

    The key messages in the thorough and detailed teaching ideas are to focus on multisensory teaching, 
    working from what the learner knows already, taking time to build that firm foundation, talk about maths and 
    use the worksheets to consolidate knowledge, alongside reinforcement of ideas through games and activities with concrete materials.

    Book 1: Number Bonds/Combinations for and to 10

    Book 2: More Number Bonds/Combinations for and to 10

    Book 3: Place Value to 1000