Making Sense of your Senses

Sensory Solutions Workbook

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Author 1: Monique Thoonsen

Code: 9781839978029
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    Do you ever feel like your classroom is just too loud? Maybe it has too many noisy kids in it?! Or maybe you wish there were more colours on the walls?

    There is a reason you feel this way and it's all because of your eight (yes eight!) senses.

    In this workbook you will get to know all about your senses and a number of friendly animals along the way. Fun activities will help you pin down what sorts of smells, sounds, textures, tastes and movements you like, which you don't like and how much of these is too much. By completing the worksheets you'll learn all about sensory processing and what effect it can have on how you feel. Because by finding out for example, that you hate scratchy jumpers, but that the sounds of birds chirping really calms you down, you can find the right kind of sensory input to make you feel better when you need it most!

    And adult helpers - there is an instruction manual available for you to know exactly how to coach the child you are supporting, so you can both work together on making sense of your senses!