Worksheets Plus Year 5 Book4 - Measures and Handling Data

Worksheets for the main teaching activity and homework, plus teaching guidance

Code 9781899998678
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Author 1: Steve Chinn, Richard Ashcroft

Author 2: Julie Kay, Les Skidmore

Code: 9781899998678
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  • Description

    These photocopiable worksheets and the teaching guidance put in place many fundamental ideas and facts which set the foundation for success in numeracy. The basic understanding of numbers and operations is a vital part of this. They are also an invaluable resource for older pupils requiring revision and further support.

    Book 4 – Measures and Handling Data

    • Probability
    • Organising and interpreting data
    • Measures, shape and space

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    Year 5 - Book 1: Numbers and the Numbering System; Book 2: Calculations; Book 3: Reasoning about Numbers, Money & Real Life

    Year 4 - Book 1: Numbers and the Number System; Books 2: Calculations; Book 3: Solving Problems; Book 4: Measures and Handling Data

    These materials were developed by the staff at Mark College under the leadership of Steve Chinn.