Supporting Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties in Schools

Code 9781032076386
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Author 1: Plum Hutton

Code: 9781032076386
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  • Description

    This two book set has been created to educate readers on the practical, social and psychological impacts of dyslexia on children and young people.

    Provides an easy-to-read introduction to dyslexia and literacy difficulties, and whilst rooted in theory it takes a holistic approach to supporting children with dyslexia. Chapters cover strategies to support literacy before and during their school lives, and offers an understanding of the emotional challenges that come with struggling to master a skill that other people pick up so easily.

    Key features include:

    • an accessible guide to dyslexia and literacy difficulties

    • chapter-by-chapter discussion points for use with A Nasty Dose of the Yawns, supporting young people’s reading of the story, helping them to understand dyslexia and encouraging them to recognise their strengths

    • case studies and strategies to help parents and practitioners recognise the challenges faced by children with dyslexia, and to provide additional support.

    This is an essential resource for parents, teachers and other professionals supporting children aged 8–12 with literacy difficulties or dyslexia.

    A Nasty Dose of the Yawns: Zack has always found school difficult. Even though he is good at maths and excellent at flicking elastic bands, trying to read and write is like trying to fight a kraken. One day, when he discovers the rest of his class infected by a mysterious sleeping sickness, Zack draws on his strengths resulting in some unexpected consequences .