Supporting Children with DLD

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Author 1: Kate Kempton

Code: 9780367709204
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  • Description

    This two book set has been developed to help raise awareness of Developmental Language Disorder, and to highlight the impact of DLD from the child’s point of view.

    Harry’s Story introduces a child who faces daily challenges in school due to his language difficulties. It explores how these challenges are made easier by his teachers’ understanding and support as he finds new ways to communicate.

    Supporting Children with DLD provides essential information, prompts and suggestions for adults to help understand the experience of children with DLD. It offers supportive strategies and activities to help children express themselves effectively and ask for help when they need it.

    This resource can be used both directly with children, aged 6-11, to talk about and explore DLD, and also as a training tool with the parents and professionals who support them. With research suggesting an average of two children per classroom are affected by DLD, this is an essential set for parents and professionals looking to understand the condition.