Superhero Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma

A Professional Guide with ACT and CBT-based Activities and Worksheets for All Ages

Code 9781787755543
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Author 1: Janina Scarlet

Code: 9781787755543
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  • Description

    Drawing on ACT and CBT, this guide incorporates popular culture into evidence-based therapy, offering a unique approach for mental health professionals to better support clients dealing with anxiety and trauma. With fun and engaging activities and downloadable worksheets, it aims to alleviate the shame and stigma surrounding mental health, empowering clients to discover their origin story and reframe their experiences to become real life superheroes.

    Covering topics such as building resilience, identifying and overcoming key challenges, and mindfulness, this book introduces familiar superheroes as characters to identify with, aiming to validate clients' experiences and encourage deeper understanding and reflection during sessions. It provides a range of activities and worksheets to use in a variety of settings with children aged 7+, teens and adults.

    An increasingly popular approach, this guide is an invaluable and timely resource for all mental health professionals working with those experiencing anxiety and trauma.