I'm Not Upside Down, I'm Downside Up

Not a Boring Book about PDA

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Author 1: Harry Thompson

Code: 9781839971174
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    Welcome to my downside up life!  My name is Ariana and I have something called Pathological Demand Avoidance which is a form of autism.  Most people just think I'm naughty and misbehaved, but I want to show you why that's not true by telling you about what my life is like from inside my head.  Come join me in understanding why I feel like I have to be in control all the time and why it's just not as simple as doing as I am told.

    "This is a book that takes you on a journey into another world - the world of PDA. It is a topsy-turvy world. A world where the expected quickly turns into the unexpected. A scary, unpredictable place, where senses are skewed, where the reasonable is often unreasonable, where the illogical can seem logical. A visitor to such a world may feel bewildered and confused, but the journey is so compelling that you become captivated. You meet a character who is clever, witty, exciting, creative and powerful. However, if you look deeper, you will experience the fear, the anguish and the misery of having to live every day in such a world, and you will become unbelievably moved." -- K.I. Al-Ghani - University Lecturer in Autism & international author of books on ASD.