More Fun Games and Activities for Children with Dyslexia

How to learn smarter with a dyslexic brain

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Author 1: Alais Winton

Code: 9781787754478
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    Dyslexic teacher Alais Winton is back with all-new games and activities to make learning simple and fun. This inventive and practical workbook is packed with tried-and-tested games and activities to help children aged 7-13 who have dyslexia. It is ideally suited to home-schooling, independent learning, or classroom or small group setting, and includes activities such as The Multiply Matrix GameDrop the Ball and Number Tag.

    The book is packed with cartoons, and there's a quiz at the start to help you discover whether you learn best from pictures, movement, socially or through music. You can use this book to find the strategies and activities you enjoy the most, and that support you to learn most effectively. If you have ideas about how you would like to add to the games or invent your own, go for it!