Mind Mapping in Primary Classrooms

Code 9780953538799

Author 1: Eva Hoffman

Author 2: Yvonne Handford

Code: 9780953538799
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  • Description

    Contains a host of practical examples, extensively researched by the authors and tested in the real classrooms by a number of primary school teachers. Whether you are already using mind mapping with your children or whether you are about to start, you'll find this book extremely useful and inspiring.

    • Over 25 different examples of applications of mind mapping connected with the National Curriculum.
    • All activities are in a 'ready-to-use-in-classrooms' photocopiable format, with easy to follow instructions.

    Warning: This book is so brimming with innovative ideas, it may convert even the most hardened 'linear note-taker' into an enthusiastic 'mind mapper'!

  • More Information

    Explains how to use mind-maps to plan and structure learning for children aged 9 and over.