Literacy for Life - Year 4 Term 3: Spellings, Homophones, Suffixes & Prefixes

Code 9781907656187
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Author 1: Kathleen Paterson

Code: 9781907656187
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  • Description

    Spellings, Homophones, Suffixes and Prefixes - Book 3 is the third book in Year 4 of the 2014 Literacy for Life series. It is a structured resource for teaching literacy through spelling and grammar skills. It contains a range of short stories, dictionary work, wordsearches and puzzles. 

    The harder words introduced during Year 4 give opportunities for building general knowledge as well as pointing out patterns in the English language. It is produced without pictures to make it useful to older students who may need reinforcement with literacy skills at Key stage 2 level.

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    A structured approach to literacy providing a term-by-term programme of exercises to build skills in reading, comprehension, spelling and writing.