Dyslexia-Friendly Strategies for Reading, Spelling and Handwriting

A Toolkit for Teachers

Code 9781138223158
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Author 1: Diane Montgomery

Code: 9781138223158
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    Diane Montgomery introduces her popular Cognitive Process Strategies for Spelling (CPSS) and provides guidance on how this direct action can be successfully used in both primary and secondary contexts.

    The book describes dyslexia-friendly approaches in Logographic, Alphabetic and Orthographic phases – ‘the three faces’ of dyslexia. Best literacy practice for all children is illustrated in a developmental reading and spelling approach, handwriting as a support to literacy teaching is explained and strategies for overcoming handwriting difficulties are detailed from Reception onwards.

    Dyslexia-friendly Strategies for Reading, Spelling and Handwriting is full of new research, case examples and practical methods that have been tried and tested in the classroom. This is a must-read guide for all teachers and SENCOs in primary and secondary settings working with pupils with dyslexia.