DANS Solutions Two

A toolkit of ideas to support students at KS2 with mathematical difficulties and dyscalculia

Code 9781903842201
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Author 1: Sarah Wedderburn

Code: 9781903842201
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  • Description

    DANS Solutions Two is a toolkit for Key Stage 2 teachers that includes ideas, games and activities to help their students develop a real understanding of key maths concepts. 

    Each concept is introduced in a concrete mode, encouraging students to move and manipulate objects in order to develop and strengthen their understanding, knowledge and confidence. The book contains Strata Plans which organise maths concepts into equivalent levels to help teachers structure their lessons; games which will make the learning fun and accessible and Foundation Stones for interleaved revisiting.  

    DANS Solutions Two covers more that just the four operations: it includes fractions, decimals, percentages, angles and measurement, plus algebra and time. DANS Solutions Two complements the DANS (Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy SKills) which was published in 2019, and also DANS Solutions One which supports numeracy learning at KS1.