Championing Your Autistic Teen at Secondary School

Getting the Best from Mainstream Settings

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Author 1: Gareth D Morewood

Author 2: Debby Elley

Code: 9781839970740
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    The transition to secondary school can be a daunting time for parents of autistic youngsters, as well as children themselves. Have you selected the right place? What if staff don't really understand your child's needs? Will they adapt sufficiently - and if not, then what happens?

    The good news is that you have the ability as a parent or carer to address these concerns, rather than leaving it all to chance.

    This book will give you the tools to do just that. From choosing the right school for your child (and spotting the tell-tale signs of the wrong one), to preparing both your child and the new school for the transition, to overcoming barriers and building a positive, collaborative and effective relationship between home and school. Tackling key topics from the point of view of both parent and teacher and using examples of great practice, this contains everything you need to know in order to build a more positive secondary school experience for your child.