Can We Do That Again? The Syllable Route

Ideas and activities to motivate and empower students with dyslexia

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Author 1: Linda Riley

Code: 9781907656392
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    Syllable knowledge is not a side road or a by-pass.  It is an essential part of the main route.  For many it really is the light that shows the way.  Our students need to see that literacy isn't a confusing muddle of guesswork; syllable knowledge can be motivating and empowering as its logic cuts through the muddle.

    Motivated by the inspiring reaction of her students to her Syllable Route approach, Linda Riley has set out here an order for the training of syllable skills, together with suggested methods, activities, word lists and resources.  The approach is intended for use during focused literacy intervention for students of any age with dyslexia or related literacy difficulties in a 1:1 or small group setting,  It complements the ideas and activities provided in her other books in the "Can We Do That Again?" series.

    The approach provides an alternative route that for many students can shine a light on a clear path which was until then obscured.