Dyscalculia Assessment

Code 9781408193716
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Author 1: Jane Emerson

Author 2: Patricia Babtie

Code: 9781408193716
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  • Description

    A complete assessment tool for investigating maths difficulties in children.  With clear step-by-step instructions alongside photocopiable or downloadable assessment sheets, the evidence from the assessment can then be used to draw up a personalised learning plan.

    The book contains:

    • an introduction to Dyscalculia, and other co-occurring difficulties
    • guidance on how to conduct the assessment, including a suggested script and tips on behaviours to watch out for
    • teaching tips and strategies
    • instructions on how to interpret the assessment results and produce a personalised learning plan
    • games and activities to engage the learner and reinforce key numeracy skills

    Ideal for use with primary school children, but can be adapted for older students.