Xtraordinary People: Made By Dyslexia

What are you Xtaordinarily good at?

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Author 1: Kate Griggs

Code: 9780241508312
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  • Description

    This brilliant book will help you understand the ‘Xtraordinary’ strengths that come with dyslexia.

    I hope it will inspire to you find your talents and chase your dreams.” Richard Branson. 

    Dyslexic people think differently. This different way of thinking makes us ‘Xtraordinarily’ good at certain things. This book will help you discover the seven different types of ‘Xtraordinary’ People and their ‘superpowers’… and discover what yours are too! 

    Written by Kate Griggs, the founder of Made By Dyslexia, a global charity that works to help everyone understand the ‘Xtraordinary’ strengths dyslexia gives us. Kate Griggs is a global champion for individuals with dyslexia. In this books she helps even the youngest of dyslexic learners celebrate their unique way of thinking.