What to do When You Can't Tell the Time

A fresh approach to core mathematical skills

Code 9781904160984
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Author 1: Steve Chinn

Code: 9781904160984
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    Telling the time involves learning important concepts such as 'quarter to' and 'quarter past'.  In this book Steve Chinn carefully explains how to work out and remember the key facts in telling the time.  He shows through worked examples and clear ideas how you can learn these core skills.

    He uses effective learning methods, often involving multi-sensory ideas and students are encourage to use speaking, listening, writing and seeing to build knowledge of these core mathematical skills.  

    The "What to do when you can't..." series build on what you do know, to teach what you do not know, and you will always know more that you think!  They are written for parents, teachers or students to use and contain clear explanations of how to build key skills.