Weaving Wellbeing into the Literacy Curriculum for Ages 5-7

A Practical Resource for Busy Teachers

Code 9781032079226

Author 1: Alison Waterhouse

Author 2: Melanie Smith

Code: 9781032079226
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  • Description

    Combining literacy lessons with wellbeing, this accessible guide, full of practical lesson plans and photocopiable activities is the ideal resource for the busy primary school teacher. Using popular children’s books to explore themes such as relationships, friendship, listening, anxiety, sadness, resilience and confidence, each book focuses on the key areas shown to impact mental health and wellbeing to enable children to explore and think about difficult things.

    Divided into five chapters, each chapter focuses on an area that creates positive foundations for mental health and wellbeing: relationships, emotional literacy, sense of self, skills for learning and understanding how our brain influences our learning and behaviour. Developed into a series of lesson plans for teachers and links to the literacy curriculum, each story contains a range of teaching techniques that develop the key areas impacting mental health and wellbeing.

    This invaluable resource will enable KS1 teachers to focus and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to incorporate wellbeing into the literacy curriculum.