Teacher Toolbox for a Calm and Connected Classroom

Teacher-friendly Mental Health Strategies to Help You and Your Students Thrive

Code 9781787754041

Author 1: Joanna Schwartz

Author 2: Michael McKnight

Code: 9781787754041
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  • Description

    A whole-child, whole-hearted approach to teaching, wellness, and student-teacher relationships.  Full of practical advice and brain-based tools from an experienced teacher and counselor, this book solves the question of how psychology and education can enrich and empower both teachers and students' wellness.  

    Peppered with relatable anecdotes from the authors' experiences, the book deals with how to help unpack the' "invisible backpack" that both teachers and students bring into the classroom.  Chapters are broken down to show how to practically address common issues such challenging behavior, social-emotional learning, trauma-informed education, attachment theory, mindfulness, mental health and much more.