Supporting Autistic Children at Home

A Practical Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Code 9780367641184

Author 1: Dawn Connor

Code: 9780367641184
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  • Description

    This practical guide offers a wealth of advice to support parents and caregivers who have an autistic child within their family.

    It provides accessible and straightforward information on the topics that matter most, from initial questions around diagnosis, to providing the best home support. Chapters also debunk myths commonly held about autism and signpost appropriate support mechanisms, including ideas to help with sleep, diet, sensory sensitivities, social interactions, communication, and much more. The emphasis throughout is on offering practical strategies to give much-needed, meaningful support to the child’s main caregivers and other family members, in an easily digestible format.

    Written from the author’s joint perspective as a qualified teacher with an expertise in autism, and as a grandmother of an autistic grandchild, this book is an essential guide for parents and caregivers, created by someone who understands and appreciates what it is like to walk in their shoes.