Student Guide to the SEND Code of Practice

Exploring Key Areas of Need

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Author 1: Trevor Cotterill

Code: 9781032420738
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    In this essential textbook for students, Trevor Cotterill delves into the four broad areas of need identified in the SEND Code of Practice (2015), providing a spotlight on current research into a range of identified difficulties as well as outlining the appropriate pedagogical approaches required to support these needs in children and young people.

    Closely mirroring the SEND Code of Practice (2015), each distinct area of need associated with cognition and learning, communication and interaction, physical and sensory issues and social, emotional and mental health difficulties features essential overviews of research and current thinking within each area. Supported with case studies, learning objectives and reflection points, this text includes discussions on autistic spectrum disorders, profound and multiple learning difficulties, ADHD, mental health, physical and sensory difficulties and adverse childhood experiences as they relate to the SEND Code of Practice (2015). Fully endorsed by evidence-based research involving children, young people, adults and their families, this text encourages students to understand that SEND is a complex area and provides opportunities to reflect on previous experience, harnessing them with knowledge for future practice.

    Concise yet rigorous in its explanations and coupled with signposted activities and suggestions for further reading throughout, A Student Guide to the SEND Code of Practice will be invaluable to undergraduate students undertaking a programme of study incorporating special educational needs and disability as a single or joint honours.