Sound Activities Worksheets: Level 2 Volume 1

Code 9781899998326
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Author 1: Louise Lipscombe

Code: 9781899998326
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    Structured exercises that further students' develop phonic skills featuring single and double vowel sounds. (CVC and CVVC)

    These enjoyable and stimulating books provide a fun way to give essential reinforcement to learning phonic sounds. Based on the popular Spelling Made Easy series it follows the same pattern of building language skills through a familiar pattern of sounds. The structured exercises provoke logical thinking and encourage children to develop their phonic skills. They  can also provide reinforcement for children who have difficulty in retaining sounds and who have poor short-term memory.  Each book contains 4 types of exercises: 

    Missing Words - A cloze procedure exercise which encourages and reinforces reading and comprehension skills and demonstrates use of words in context.

    Crosswords - Reinforces reading and comprehension skills, encourages use of spatial awareness and organisation, and logical thinking in matching words to the number of squares.

    Linear Wordsearches - the unique linear wordsearch uses skimming, scanning and tracking skills to boost hand eye coordination and word recognition skills. 

    Muddled Sentences - A test for logical thinking and comprehension skills. Answers can be written out to provide kinaesthetic reinforcement.

    There are 4 levels and a book of higher-level Extension exercises.