Is It Dyslexia?

An At-Home Guide for Screening and Supporting Children Who Struggle to Read

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Author 1: April McMurtrey

Code: 9781394194452
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  • Description

    Hands-on resources for screening readers of all ages for dyslexia

    In Is It Dyslexia?, certified dyslexia assessment specialist April McMurtrey delivers an accessible, hands-on framework for screening readers of various ages for dyslexia.

    The book offers comprehensive, clear, and step-by-step processes you can apply immediately to confidently and accurately screen readers for dyslexia. The author shares the tools and strategies used by professional screeners, as well as first, next, and final steps you can take as you move forward with your screening results.

    The book includes:

    • Explanations of what dyslexia is, as well as an overview of common talents and strengths often found in readers with dyslexia
    • A collection of recommended accommodations for students with dyslexia in the home and school and effective literacy instruction for students with dyslexia
    • A comprehensive dyslexia questionnaire, eleven different screening tests, and step-by-step instructions for administering them

    Ideal for tutors, homeschool teachers, parents, instructional coaches, counselors, and speech-language therapists, Is It Dyslexia? comes complete with reproducibles and links to video tutorials required for screening students of various ages.