Make It RIGHT: Level 1

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Author 1: Ceri Williams

Code: 9781904421412
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  • Description

    Make it RIGHT! contains exercises designed to develop pupils’ reading and spelling skills through guided and individual completion of the activities.

    The mistakes written into the text are mainly, but not exclusively, from all the spelling pattern/word families covered in the relevant Spelling Made Easy Teacher’s Textbooks and the accompanying ‘Fun With Phonics’ and ‘Spelling Made Easy At Home’ series. The aim is further reinforcement and overlearning of the spelling patterns covered in the programme, as well as common High Frequency Words. In the first two levels, aspects of punctuation are confined to capitals at the beginning of a sentence and proper nouns, full stops (periods), and the odd exclamation mark! Punctuation problems increase in complexity throughout the series but are basic in the first two levels, as a flow to the reading is desirable.


    • If required, use the first few exercises and model and share the task with the pupil/s. Proof-reading is a skill that requires practice and tuition.
    • Read through the passage for meaning and discuss any arising points.
    • Get the pupil to follow the words with a ‘special’ pen/pencil as they or you are reading it.
    • Point out punctuation errors and model how sentences sound without full stops especially.
    • Re-read and annotate/identify errors. Again, model and share the tasks, especially with reluctant readers and writers.

    As the pupils progress through the activities, their particular areas for possible further revision and consolidation work should become apparent through analysis of their answers and responses during lessons.

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    Correlated with the SME Revised Level 1 Textbook