Identifying and Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Difficulties.

Strategies and Activities for Learning and Play

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Author 1: Tina Rae

Code: 9781906531904
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    An evidence-based resource to help develop effective support and meet sensory processing needs.
    Many young people struggle to manage their sensory world both at school and socially. Those with ASD, ADHD, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and other emotional and behavioural issues can display a range of behaviours emanating from complex underlying needs.

    This practical toolkit of resources will help identify and support young people with sensory processing and integration difficulties. The Assessment will ensure correct areas can be targeted by the 60 activities divided into Visual (sight); Tactile (touch); Taste (Gustatory); Smell (Olfactory); Vestibular (balance) and Proprioception (Body awareness).  Also includes: Definitions; How to help; Guidance notes; Handouts; Information for staff & parents.