How to be a Brilliant SENCO

Practical Strategies for Developing and Leading Inclusive Provision.

Code 9781138489660

Author 1: Helen Curran

Code: 9781138489660
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  • Description

    Aims to support new and experienced SENCOs with the task of developing and leading special educational needs provision and inclusive practice, through the exploration of practical strategies and approaches. Curran takes a pragmatic approach to the issues which have historically been associated with the role of the SENCO; namely a lack of time, a lack of resources and often a lack of seniority. The book seeks to provide SENCOs with tried and tested ideas and strategies to support both the operational and strategic aspects of the role, to help SENCOs develop their role as a leader in school. The book covers the following areas:

    • The SENCO role in policy and practice
    • The SENCO as a leader
    • Developing relationships with pupils and parents
    • Challenges and opportunities within the role of SENCO

    A must read for any SENCO which draws upon case studies and real life examples, considering the ways in which SENCOs can shape and develop the status of not only their role, but also SEN and inclusive provision in their setting.

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    Practical strategies for developing and leading inclusive provision.