Helping Teens and Young Adults with Anxiety

a Ten Session Programme

Code 9781032018393

Author 1: Elizabeth Herrick, Barbara Redman-White

Author 2: Helen Hudson

Code: 9781032018393
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  • Description

    Helping Teens and Young Adults with Anxiety provides a unique structure for a complete ten-week programme, equipping secondary school, college, and university staff with the tools to support students who are experiencing anxiety.

    Following on from the authors’ best seller Supporting Children and Young People with Anxiety, this companion resource is tailored to meet the complex needs of teenagers and young people and provides a programme which can be run entirely independently. The intervention draws on a range of theoretical backgrounds and practical models of working and reflects recent improved understanding of the neuropsychology of stress and anxiety and an understanding of the effect that trauma can have on the body and mind. Presuming no prior experience on the part of the reader, the authors acknowledge the challenges involved in recognising anxiety and delivering tailored treatment and emphasise the roles of prevention and early intervention. All resources are photocopiable and downloadable and can be easily customised for use with children and parents.

    Helping Teens and Young Adults with Anxiety provides an eclectic approach to managing anxiety and serves as an important text for education professionals working with young people in both academic and non-academic sectors.