Dyslexia Guidance

Helping pupils with specific learning difficulties in reading and writing

Code 9780708717691

Author 1: Martin Turner,

Author 2: Philippa Bodien

Code: 9780708717691
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  • Description

    A comprehensive guide that offers advice on support for dyslexic pupils, in a classroom, small group or one-to-one setting. It addresses successively all the stages of education, exploring first the social and behavioural issues that most concern parents and teachers, then looking closely at specific remedies that have proven effectiveness.

    As well as invaluable information and guidance, the handbook contains activities - many with photocopiable resources included - that take pupils through a series of discrete small steps.  Then each step tin the cumulative sequence is made secure by using repetition and 'over learning' before moving on.

    An ideal resource when planning teaching for pupils as it is based on real classroom experience.