Brain Development and School

Practical Classroom Strategies to Help Pupils Develop Executive Function

Code 9781138494916

Author 1: Pat Guy

Code: 9781138494916
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  • Description

    Offers a range of practical classroom strategies to help pupils develop their executive function. Packed with useful tips that are grounded in theory, it examines how to support aspects of children’s executive functioning that can affect their school life; including self-control, memory, metacognition, organisation, motivation, self-regulation and focus.  Relevant for pupils in the primary and secondary school, the book focuses on ways of improving children’s emotional and intellectual development. It includes:

    • Discussion of what executive functioning is and the different factors that might affect a child’s executive functioning
    • Ways that executive functioning weaknesses show themselves in school
    • Support strategies for teachers and advice for pupils to improve specific areas of executive functioning
    • Manageable solutions and modifications that can be applied within the mainstream classroom
    • A self-assessment questionnaire that can be used as a starting point for discussion with pupils

    This book will be beneficial to all teachers, school leaders and SENCOs looking to support their pupils by identifying and understanding the root causes of their behaviour. It recognises the important role that schools play in pupils’ neurological development and suggests ways for schools to provide more personalised, differentiated support for individual pupils.