Boosting Learning in the Primary Classroom

Occupational therapy strategies that really work with pupils

Code 9781138826786
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Author 1: Sheilagh Blyth

Code: 9781138826786
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  • Description

    The book is based on a successful five-step approach to help children acquire the skills needed to manage at school and daily life. It works by being able to pinpoint a problem, assists others in recognising the impact that difficulty is having to the child and then provides strategies to develop that child’s specific skills. Using the latest medical research and established occupational therapy techniques to obtain great results, this approach provides teachers with the tools to use different knowledge and strategies to engage children in the learning process.

    • Key ideas explored include:
    • Exploring the reasons for poor handwriting
    • Increasing Disability Awareness
    • The link between body posture and concentration
    • Dyspraxia in a school setting
    • Play develops learning
    • Understanding sensory behaviour

    By providing teachers with an understanding of physical child development and the impact this has in the classroom, this book demonstrates how teachers can use this knowledge to boost the learning of their primary-aged children. It encourages teachers to identify improvements in the child’s progress of not just educational learning targets but also in physical motor development, using real life case studies, latest theory and tried & tested occupational therapy methods to help every child improve.