Behaviour in the Early Years

Code 9781138562325

Author 1: Angela Glenn

Author 2: Jacquie Cousins, Alicia Helps

Code: 9781138562325
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  • Description

    This accessible and practical book provides hands-on, tried and tested strategies to help the reader respond instantly and effectively to behaviour problems in early years settings. It encourages the practitioner to think about how they handle difficult situations and to understand why children behave as they do.

    Including topics on the development of the child from birth to toddler, managing the environment, and safeguarding children, this third edition has also been fully updated to include:

    • guidance on complex learning difficulties, including autism and speech and language disorders;
    • exploration of the use and impact of social media, technology and digital devices on social interaction;
    • managing and facilitating the transition from an early years setting to school;
    • an outline of the Education and Health Care Plan, including request and implementation.

    Other features include a vast number of case studies, social and developmental checklists, a glossary and useful addresses.

    With ideas and strategies that can easily be absorbed into the daily routine, this book is essential reading for practitioners in all early years settings looking for effective ways to deal with challenging behaviour.