Autism, Identity and Me: Guidebook

A Professional and Parent Guide to Support a Positive Understanding of Autistic Identity

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Author 1: Rebecca Duffus

Code: 9781032396521
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  • Description

    The guidebook is designed to accompany the Autism, Identity and Me workbook, building the adult’s understanding of autism and autistic identity, expanding upon the themes introduced, and offering a clear and structured programme of sessions to guide the young person through the workbook. 

    Content has been shaped by autistic advisors and contributors, with first-hand experiences woven throughout, alongside examples of ‘possible prompts’, what to focus on as a lead adult, and a variety of concrete, neurodiversity-affirming strategies. Having a positive understanding of your autistic identity is an indicator of higher self-esteem and wellbeing as an adult. 

    This guidebook supports the development of this and will be valuable for all adults working with autistic children and young people aged 10+.