Adult Side of Dyslexia

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Author 1: Kelli Sandman-Hurley

Code: 9781787754751
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    Combines moving accounts of the lived experience of dyslexic adults with tips and strategies for surmounting the challenges you or a loved one or family member may face.  

    Drawing on in-depth interviews, Kelli Sandman-Hurley explores common themes such as school experiences; the impact of dyslexia on mental wellbeing; literacy skills; and being a dyslexic parent, perhaps to a child who is also dyslexic. Interviewees share what helped them (or didn't), the strategies they use daily to tackle literacy-based tasks, anxiety and low self-esteem, the advice they would give to the parent of a dyslexic child who is struggling, and reflect on how their experience has impacted their own parenting style. 

    Whether you're dyslexic yourself or supporting someone who is, this book sheds light on an under-represented topic, providing much-needed guidance and insight around what life is really like for an adult with dyslexia.